Bright View Technologies’ high performance diffusers are based on a proprietary technology platform that combines advanced microstructures with versatile substrate options and form factors. Bright View diffusers provide innovative performance in terms of angle control, efficiency, source hiding, and aesthetics.

Applications engineers are available to help select the right diffuser solution including material choice, optical performance, environmental requirements and aesthetics to enable optimum performance and appearance for luminaire designers.

Bright View is an agile company with a commitment to rapid prototyping and fast turnaround on standard or custom parts.

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Featured Product: P-Series Aesthetically-Patterned Diffusers

Bright View engineered diffusers are based on high-efficiency micro lenses in optically clear materials, providing superb performance in angle control, efficiency, source hiding, and aesthetics. They are available in a variety of materials and form factors, including UV tolerant film and rigid sheets.

Bright View diffusers work in ideal synergy with BrightWhite reflectors, maximizing system efficiency.

P-Series diffusers offer outstanding visual and aesthetic appeal with the same high performance as other Bright View products. Patterns can be applied to most Bright View products including general-purpose diffusers, ellipticals, and anti-glare diffusers. They are frequently used in architectural, office, hospitality, and decorative applications. Numerous patterns are in stock and unique custom patterns are available upon request.