Heilux is a pioneer in flexible, solid-state, planar lighting emitters. The Minnesota-based company is owned by a team of lighting industry veterans who have worked in the field for decades. Through its progressive technical advancements, Heilux developed LumaFilm™ LED light sheet. Its flexible form factor, blended light emission, and heat management present unique opportunities for lighting fixture OEMs.
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Features Product: LumaFilm™

LumaFilm™  is  unlike  traditional  light emitters – its super thin and flexible form factor allows for installation closer to a diffuser without unsightly pixilation or hot spots. The light emitters (sheets) produce nominal heat and thus require  NO heat sinks. They can also be used in both dry and damp indoor and outdoor applications with confidence  since  they  are  UL/cUL  Listed  and IP65 rated devices.

LumaFilm  provides  innovative  solutions  and differentiating  products  to  original  equipment manufacturers.   Our   disruptive   technology produces an even light using low energy LEDs and  can  be  customized  to  meet  your  fixture’s  requirements.  Ideal  for  architectural  lighting, gasketed  enclosures,  recessed  and  surface  mounted fixture applications, LumaFilm provides a  perfect  solution  to  meet  even  your  most demanding customer’s needs.

Allows LumaFilm to be applied to any flat or curved surface creating innovative designs and unique lighting solutions.
Can be used in even the most constrained spaces allowing for illumination in places not previously possible.
No Heat Sink Required
Unique circuit designs result in minimal heat generation allowing it to be mounted directly on
almost any surface from dry wall to concrete.
Minimal Depth without Pixilation
Many smaller LEDs allow LumaFilm to be mounted close to a diffuser without hot/dark spots.
UL/cUL Listed and LM79 tested
LumaFilm is ready to be installed with your most demanding customer.
Full Customization
Standard LumaFilm sheets can be cut in both directions and tiled together allowing for simple installations; custom LumaFilm sheets can be developed quickly to meet almost any requirement.
Indoor and Outdoor
LumaFilm is rated for dry and damp locations both indoors and outdoors; IP65 rated.
Energy Efficient and Green
High performance (typically 130 lm/W) saves energy and reduces carbon emissions resulting in a shorter payback period.
Power Source Options
LumaFilm can be powered by off-the-shelf dimming, non-dimming and programmable constant current drivers.