Intematix is an innovator in the field of phosphor materials and supplier of custom and patented phosphors, phosphor components, and LED lighting modules.

To support rapid fixture design, Intematix now offers complete, integrated modular solutions featuring high uniformity, color consistency, and no pixilation.  By leveraging the Intematix organization’s integration expertise, as well as its broad product selection, you can introduce fixtures quickly and for a reduced overall system cost.

The newest modular solutions include Ambient Lighting Modules, Tunable Lighting Modules and Commercial Lighting Modules.

Intematix's customized and patented phosphors, phosphor components and modules provide lighting solutions for general, commercial, and specialty lighting markets and more. Combine product and integration expertise to accelerate time-to-market and reduce system costs.

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Featured Product: Ambient Lighting Module

The Intematix ambient lighting module is a simple plug and play solution that enable highly uniform glare free lighting. The unique 240 degree wide beam pattern allows for the use of fewer light engines to create excellent uniformity and fill in a wide variety of functional, decorative and architectural lighting applications. The remote phoshpor system architecture eliminates pixilation that is often present with white LED linear lighting systems and remains clean and consistent even under deep dimming conditions.

Product Features:

  • Intergrated modular solution
  • Wide angle 240º FWHM beam pattern
  • Diffuse and uniform emission pattern
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate cover
  • 3 SDCM color consistency
  • 12, 20 and 43 inch length options
  • 5 year limited warranty